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what have we built?

PozzoDyne™ is a next-generation, engineered pozzolanic powder that has the potential to change your business and the concrete industry.

Due to our milling technology, we can control just how fine our ground glass pozzolan comes out, down to the micron. This reactivity makes for a high-quality product that makes concrete stronger and more durable.

Various barriers have excluded ground glass pozzolan from entering practical usage until now.

the aggreplex difference

Why GGP Production Hasn’t Been Feasible In The Past

Quality: Existing mills cannot produce fine enough powder to take full advantage of glass’ chemical strengths.

Quantity: Historically, it has been difficult to obtain enough feedstock with the right qualities to create enough product.

Price: Production cost is more for an inferior product produced by an energy-intensive, less efficient processing technology.

 It all comes back to the milling.

clean, contamination-free, recycled material

Driving Real Recycling

With an abundance of glass available, we break down economic and technical barriers by bypassing traditional sorting limitations (color, size, cleanliness). Our state-of-the-art milling process handles all types of glass, irrespective of appearance or origin. Indifferent to color and size, we source and utilize recovered glass more efficiently than others. Additionally, our own wash system ensures clean, contamination-free, recycled material. Embracing this innovative approach, we aim to make glass recycling and recovery a practical, sustainable and consistent process.

the aggreplex difference

Advancing The Circular Economy

AggrePlex™ has a remarkable opportunity to help concrete manufacturers bridge the gap between manufacturing input at the start of the formulation process and waste output at the end. By utilizing waste byproducts to create a stronger, more durable concrete, we can help close the loop and move closer to a more circular economy.

Environmentally engineered technology

Seeing Green

AggrePlex™’s PozzoDyne™ makes it easy for you to integrate sustainable practices into your business without sacrificing the quality of your concrete. With PozzoDyne™, our transportation and sourcing offsets your carbon emissions and keeps your costs lower, too.