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Engineered pozzolanic powders that will revolutionize the construction industry forever.

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PozzoDyne™ Ground Glass Pozzolan is a Premium Pozzolan.


Sustainable Solutions For The Concrete Industry

AggrePlex™ is a waste-to-value company that leverages revolutionary micronization and air-classification technology to develop pozzolanic materials from low-value waste streams.

Over the past decade, the concrete industry has been looking for a supplemental cementitious material (SCM) solution that will lower its carbon footprint without sacrificing on performance. 

AggrePlex™ manufactures PozzoDyne™, a cost-competitive supplemental cementitious material (SCM) that lowers CO2 emissions and enhances concrete performance defined by short-term strength, long-term strength, ASR mitigation, durability, and resistivity. 


Next Generation Pozzolanic Powder


Due to our advanced milling technology, we can precisely control the fineness of our ground glass pozzolan down to the micron.


Our manufacturing process allows us to utilize various waste glass streams. This versatility enables AggrePlex™ to produce PozzoDyne™ at scale, offering a promising solution to significantly reduce the concrete industry’s CO2 emissions problem.


Cost-effective and easy to blend, PozzoDyne™’s upfront and backend costs are more than economical when compared to premium admixtures.

Environmentally engineered technology

Seeing Green

AggrePlex™’s PozzoDyne™ makes it easy for you to integrate sustainable practices into your business without sacrificing the quality of your concrete. Sourced from local waste streams, PozzoDyne™ offsets carbon emissions and lowers costs.


Latest News

Foundry Sand as a Pozzolan: A Green Alternative for Sustainable Concrete

Foundry Sand as a Pozzolan: A Green Alternative for Sustainable Concrete

The world today is leaning more towards sustainable and green construction methods. The use of pozzolanic waste materials in concrete has gained prominence in recent years due to environmental and economic benefits. One such waste material that has recently shown promise in the construction industry is foundry sand. Traditionally used in the metal casting process, foundry sand has now found its potential as a pozzolan for green concrete.

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Meet The Team – Josef Fischer

Meet The Team – Josef Fischer

Josef Fischer, the Chief Technology Officer of AggrePlex & Microtec Development & Holdings and Founder and President of Microtec GmbH, stands as a prominent figure in the field of micronization technologies.

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